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ईशावास्यं इदं सर्वं यत् किञ्च जगत्यां जगत।

तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जिथाः मा गृधः कस्य स्विद् धनम् ॥


एतदपि गमिष्यति

Welcome To AstoSpiritualism 

AstroSpiritualism is a renowned astrological service based in the city of West Bengal that helps you deal with difficult and challenging situations in life as it can tell you when there is a negative energy seeking refuge in different aspects of your life by blocking your path to success, and where best to focus your attention in the present moment with much needed remedies. It is a venture of Sri Soumabha Chakraborty, an IIT’ian Astrologer whose prime purpose is to ensure that the life of the people are problem- free by providing with simple solutions, prioritizing a happy and prosperous balanced life at all times.

Spiritual Astrologer in India
Numerologist & Vastu expert

Variety of Solution

  •  We all know the importance of love in human’s life, and unfortunately if you fail in love don’t lose hope, our love problem specialist Astrologer supplies you with solution of your horoscope and if you are married then we conjointly tell your horoscope together with your partner with strong solution for the rest of your life.

  • Business Problem Solution by strengthening the growth of your business with various Divination techniques.

Spiritual Astrologer

Everything About Your career

  •  Everything about your Job and Career with Spiritual Guidance.

 Best time for new job

   - Job Change and Promotions Issues

   - Right Guidance in Career Struggle

   - Suitable career Choice

  • . Remedies to win Litigation and court cases.

  • Avail perfect and permanent health problems solutions with proper Analysis.

  •  Vedic remedies and mantras to get rid of financial problems.

  • Lal Kitaab remedies for students.

Marriage Astrologer

Customer Services

  • Remedies of Moon to get rid of depression and mental dilemma.

  • Family problems solution with the help of horoscope predictions and sacred art of vashikaran.

To ease the entire process we have come online to serve you at your convenience with a very nominal fee where you have to schedule an online consultation on the phone number and the email ID mentioned on the website. Contact us with your queries, Date-Place- and time of Birth, Your current location, your recent photograph and Picture of your Palm. You can also schedule personal Live Video Astrology consultation.

Don’t remain stuck – Every blocker in life has a solution, Contact us now and make your life healthy!

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Our Services

Numerologist & Vastu expert in west Bengal India

 All Aspect Analysis

Tarrot Reading

Though not a scientific practice, tarot card reading has emerged as the new age way of "future reading".

Spiritual Astrologer in India

Snapshot Analysis

Before proceeding please keep in mind that, precise prediction can never be made with short-cuts. One should analyse whole chart thoroughly such prediction.

Spiritual Astrologer in India

Long Term Analysis

Explore the areas that spark your interest, develop your skills in a specific area, and use those skills to contribute to something beyond yourself

Numerologist & Vastu expert in west Bengal India

I giving these snapshot methods because they always gives some support and creates base for any prediction.


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 “Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer.”                                                                                                              

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