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An Alumnus of IIT Kanpur, a Civil cum Environmental Engineer Soumabha is an environmentalist by Profession turned an Astrologer. His spiritual journey began in the early years of his childhood. He developed a natural interest in Astrology seeing his father who happened to be a practicing astrologer and got attracted deeply to the subject. He always had a quest of learning natural solution of the problems and it’s Mathematical- statistical analysis into the divine field of Vedic Astrology and other divination technique. After rigorous meditation and practice under famous established astrologers he began his journey of practicing the science of Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vaastu Professionally. 

With a total experience of 15 years in the field of Astrology and Divination and an extensive knowledge on Vedic Astrology, Vastu shastra, Feng Shui, Numerology, Face reading, Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Oracle Divination, Cartomancy – knowing future through playing cards, Tibetan Mo Divination technique and Ramal Shastra along with other Divination technique, Sri Soumabha has helped thousands of Clients in shaping their lives back on track all across the world.

The unique approach and adoption of scientific spiritual remedial measures with a glimpse of eco- spiritualism makes him stand apart from the crowd.

Everything in life is uncertain but with a proper guidance of Astrology and through spiritual means, listen to the language of the stars and planets and determine whether they will shed light on you or cause darkness in your future years. is a one- stop solution for all your future worries regarding every primary aspects of your life that plays an important role, such as health, business, Jobs, family, love and commitment etc.

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 “Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer.”                                                                                                              

J. P. Morgan

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