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Explore Your Future
Knowing the future through Playing Card

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Cartomancy - Knowing future through Playing Card

Cartomancy is a centuries-old form of divination by using a standard deck of playing cards. A regular playing card deck is typically used for fortune telling. Often, a simplified version is used by removing cards 2-6, creating a deck of 32 cards. This is called a piquet deck (A piquet deck can be a 52- card deck with the entirety of the 2s through the 6s evacuated. This leaves the entirety of the 7s through the 10s, the face cards and the aces) preferred by the French school. 

Playing cards are the basis of Lenormand cards — a small divination deck of 36 cards with simple illustrations. Lenormand cards were originated in Germany, where they were known as Das Spiel der Hoffnung (the Game of Hope) being popularized by Mlle Lenormand in the 18th century of France who was a famous fortune teller for the French court of Napoleon. The classic Lenormand card deck includes a small insert of a playing card over the card's main illustration.

Playing cards can be read as a single card if you're looking for a simple message. They can also be read in smaller spreads of several cards, or in a large spread involving the entire deck which is known as the Grand Tableau spread in Lenormand.

Each card contains multiple meanings, sometimes depending on the context. They can also be used to indicate timing that describes the physical appearance of the people. Here are some quick keyword meanings of playing cards:

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Hearts: love, relationships, feelings.

Clubs: business, ambitions, success.

Spades: conflict, problems, messages.

Diamonds: work, money, career.

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