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Knowing the Past, Present & Future

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Knowing the Past,Present and Future

Would you like to to understand the events and potential opportunities in your life from a broader, more cosmic perspective?

This Quality Endorsed course carries on from the popular 'Introduction to Astrology' course and is also designed for those that have an interest or a basic understanding of Astrology. It teaches the astrological forecasting technique of Transits, the movement of celestial objects, such as planets in relation to earth. You will study the inner and outer planets and understand their significance and how their movements might manifest in your own life.

You will learn:

- when and how often planetary returns occur and their meaning and significance
- how to use the website to cast a birth chart
- how to focus on key data and the longer range influences

At the end of the course each student is give their own unique, laminated 12-month Transits and Progressions Calendar which they can use to identify the astrological challenges and opportunities during the coming year.

​This is a fantastic course to deepen your knowledge on astrology and astrological influences.

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