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Feng Shui Remedy

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Tibetan Art
Feng Shui Remedy

Feng Shui is an Ancient Chinese Art and Science of placement which deals with making nature and its energy more favourable and beneficial for humans. Feng Shui aims at the appropriate balance of five elements which is essential for co-ordination between the energies of the earth and the heaven. Positive and auspicious environment can be created with simple and easy to follow rules of Feng Shui. Just the proper management of colours. light and air can bring of positive changes in the life. Mere change in the placement of things at the work place or home may bring in prosperity or may read one of addities and advertise. No structural changes required. So, Feng Shui is not a costly affair.

Architects, Interior Decorators, Engineers, Astrologists and many other technicians world over are applying rules of Feng Shui to make their work more effective and beneficial for their clients. Feng Shui works not only in homes but it helps also to generate positive results of nature's energy at factories, offices, schools, hospitals, godowns and shops etc.


The Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer can all be approached through fire. Fire is said to be the mouth and messenger of all divine forces. We are all made from the five elements-earth, fire, water, air and ether. The fire within us comes out of and dissolves into Shiva. Prithvi, Agni, Jal and Vayu interact as our physical body in the presence of the Consciousness within and outside our physical bodies in the presence of the Larger Consciousness that is Shiva. When we pray or meditate or perform any worship, deities come into our internal fire and accept our prayers. Our internal fire regulates our metabolic processes and thereby all the activities essential to preserve life. Without our internal fire, we would not exist in our physical body. However, most people are not conscious of their internal fire and even for those who are, their internal fire consciousness is weak. Havans solve this predicament by invoking various deities into the external fire in the yagna-kund and enabling the aspirant to make offerings to the deities through the fire. As the aspirant chants mantras and utters swaha while pouring offerings into the fire, all sins/ bad karmas keep getting burnt up. Havan is thus one of the most effective ways for human beings to get connected to the divine. The advantages of Havans range from resolving planetary influences, solving various problems, getting success in career and business, health issues and general well-being and prosperity. When performed by pandits well-versed in the scriptures, Havans inevitably yield tangible results. 

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