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The Selection of The Plot

The Selection Of The Plot
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The determination of a plot is critical since the plot may serve positive just as negative energies relying upon its place, area, direction, incline, shape, and nature of the dirt. These five huge highlights must be remembered while the determination of a plot. For any structure, the land is the basic necessity, and complete consideration must be taken in its choice. For the most part, the administrations of an Architect or Vastu Consultant are taken at the planning stage. All things considered, it is fitting to include him at the phase of buying the land itself, as his information sources could be valuable in choosing the correct land. On the off chance that you already own territory for the advancement of home or office, you despite everything must follow the Vastu Guidelines guided for the determination of the plot. In the determination of a Land or Plot, the accompanying Vastu Principles must follow. 

  • Vaastu Shastra Principles For Plot Selection 

  • Vaastu Shastra Principles For Plot DIirection 

  • Vaastu Shastra Principles For Plot Shape 

  • Vaastu Shastra Principles For Plot Soil 

  • Vaastu Shastra Principles For Plot Slope

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