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The Personal Year/Month/day

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Image by Josh Rangel
The Personal Year /Month/Day

The Personal Year is useful in assessing the pattern of the coming schedule year. For a piece of information with regards to what lies ahead in the coming year, figure your own year utilizing this equation: 

In the first place, lessen the month and day of your introduction to the world, your birthday, to a solitary digit. Utilizing my birthday for instance, February eighth, that solitary digit would be 1 (2+8=10; 1+0=1). In the event that your month and day all out comes to 11 or 22, the ace numbers, in this occasion, lessen the number to 2 and 4, separately. 

Next, decrease the year for which you are making the count to a solitary digit. The year 2015 would get 8. 

Presently, include the single digit speaking to your birthday to the single digit speaking to the year being referred to. In this manner, 2015 is a 9 individual year for me.

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