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Destiny Number

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Destiny Number

The destiny number is the sum of your full name turned into numbers. Destiny number is known as expression number and Namank in Hindi. Destiny number can help an individual understand what he or she can aspire to become. 

A Destiny number determines the purpose, goal and direction of the life and what all we can tackle and manifest, collectively a Destiny number is the sum of our birth date that gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and the lessons we encounter in our entire lifetime. 

The Destiny number generally reveals about the purpose of our life. It gives us an insight into how we would outwardly express ourselves while in pursuit of the mission described by our Life path Number. It informs us of our essence, giving us a more in depth insight into our inner self. As a whole it reveals a lot about our character and makes us aware of our strength and weaknesses.

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