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Face Reading

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Face Reading

Our face and its expression reveal what we are thinking! Face reading is a science that exists from the ancient times. It is basically an observation that helps to understand the person’s past, present and future, in other words from birth to old age. Indeed Every Facial Feature has a psychological meaning(s) that can provide some idea in learning about a person's character. 

Face reading, in other words is known as physiognomy which means it is a science that helps to observe expressions, especially facial expressions to understand the personal behavior or individuality of a person like mental status, inner strength, emotionality, communication, mannerism and personal history. Face reading has been an effective tool since the existence of human kind in all sorts of diagnosis and discussion. All parts of our face says something about us, which can be noticed by anyone very easily starting with sizes, types and presence of any lines/wrinkles.

 Face Reading can be required in various spheres of life, some of which are as follows:

-To Choose right soul mate.

-In Career and Work

-To diagnose Health and Illness Problems

-To Understand Boss or Employee characteristics.

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