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Ramal Dice Divination

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Ramal Dice Divination

Ramal Shastra is a dice based method of fortune telling. Many books have been written on the subject in Sanskrit despite the names of formations being both in Urdu and Sanskrit. It is believed that this method of predicting future by people have been discovered from west Asian regions especially Arabs. 

Ramal Astrology is a Divine subject. It is considered that a person with a divine blessing and a divine power of Lord Shiva have the right to predict and help humans. The method of Ramal Shastra firstly originated from ancient India and it is considered to be the best gift bestowed by Goddess Parvati and Lord shiva. Speaking of the history behind Ramal Vidhya, its root has been originated from the Old Indian epic as the Ancient Hindu Vedic jyotish.

As far as the history of astrology is concerned Ramal astrology is an art of symbolic language that does not necessarily require a native’s birth details or any other information about their life for prediction of the future. What requires is just a few minute to summon a Ramal kundali chart, where the position of planet in the chart, their movement and their impact are easily figured out. This is how Ramal shastra works. A person can easily know about their past, present and future through a sheer reflection and it happens only when a Ramal jyotish give a permission to the one.

It is also believed that in the case of theft the name of thief can be worked out by the Ramal method. Distances and timings of fruition are also sought by using the Harfa chakra or other devices. Annual predictions for individuals are also made using a Ramal Chart. In the absence of dices, playing cards can also be used.

In India the Ramal dices are popularly known as “Pase” which is required at the time of reading session. The manufacture of Ramal Dices is specifically done in particular Nakshatra and with a particular mixture of different metals.

Ramal reveals the will of God, pointing towards the reality. Apart from this, Ramal has no more function other than discovering the innermost nature of a human being by being deepest within the self to bring it out into one’s consciousness, so that one may fulfill it according to the law of reflection.

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