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Residential Vastu

Residental Vastu

In India, Vastu Shastra is believed to have a strong influence on people, their behavior and their success in various areas of their life. 

A lot of stress is put on nature because Vastu Shastra is affiliated with numerous kinds of energies with the likes of solar, cosmic, lunar, thermal, magnetic, light and wind energy. Placing and constructing a certain object or a structure as per the directions, designs and magnitude is what Vastu is all about. Vastu plays a pivotal role in providing an optimistic vibe and energy across the house, be it your living room, kitchen, bathroom, pooja room, garden, residential plots, tanks, borewell, basement, locker room, and many other areas. Not only this but it goes more into details when it is associated with the staircase, balcony, swimming pool, curtains, interiors, etc. Therefore, residential Vastu is of utmost importance that can aid in gaining a lot of benefits to the ones living in the house.

If Vastu in residential property is properly followed, then the house and its members will attract with optimistic energy, which in turn, will bring in great health, wealth and happiness to the family. Vastu for residence includes building a house/room/space in a particular direction (North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast and Northwest) as all of them may either have a negative influence on the house or a positive one.

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