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Spiritual Vastu

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Spiritual Vastu

Swastika is the next religious symbol which is revered by Hindu and ranks second to OM. Today, the Swastika is known to the world not only as a religious symbolism of the Hindus but as the Nazi emblem. Hitler's use of the Swastika on the flag of National-socialist Germany has besmirched the Swastika but the Swastika continues to hold a religious significance for the Hindus. Like OM, the origins of Swastika are lost in the misty realms of the past and they can only be guessed by piecing together of the surviving clues.

God is the essence of all the activities of human achievements. According to Brihatsamhita, It is believed that God prefer to live in places where there are rivers and springs, surrounded by mountains and shady groves or in the places which are surrounded by pleasant gardens full of flowers and natural beauty with the belief that only such sites are prone to conducive of divine contemplation and spiritual harmony.

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